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Pass Guard Monster soft vinyl doll- 67 Mission Halloween exclusive red vinyl, with scythe and original box. #86 of 308 copies.

Medicom Atom Angel Vampire soft vinyl doll.

T.W.I.M. Skullsuit Bomber Kid- Pearl version, Shocker exclusive lmited to 66 copies.

Secret Base Skullbee - Black vinyl, sold only at one show during Came Out of The Grave tour, limited to 99 pcs, printed with Secret Base, Twim and Balzac logos, tag stamped as sample.

Secret Base Bagman- Black vinyl, Japanese Warp Magazine mailorder only limited to 308 pcs.

Secret Base Bagman- Pink vinyl, Musicfield edition limited to 100 pcs.

Secret Base Bagman- Black and orange vinyl, Misfits Records edition limited to 100 pcs.

Secret Base Bagman- Orange and black vinyl, Super 7 Magazine edition limited to 100 pcs.

Secret Base Boxset- Grey vinyl SB Bagman and Skullman, and T-Shirt. Limited to 138 pcs.

Skullman- Black vinyl, red bones, SxWxW backprint and real paperbag. Shocker Worldwide Version.

Skullman- Clear blue vinyl, white bones, Disk Union backprint. Limited to 100 pcs.

Skullman- Black vinyl, white bones, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, Secret Base logo back print. Limited to ? copies

Skullman- Black vinyl, gold bones, Ogon Skull version, includes cape and sceptor. Misfits Records backprint Limited to 100 copies.

Skullman- Clear Black vinyl, white bones, Deep back print, Osaka Tour Version. Limited to ? copies.

Skullman- White unpainted vinyl, Paint contest exclusive. Limited to ? copies.

Skullman- Clear vinyl, red bones, Darkism backprint. Packaged with Darkism boxset. Limited to 308 copies

Skullman- Clear Yellow vinyl, white bones, Zennou Naru back print, Nagoya Tour Version. Limited to ? copies.

Secret Base Fool's Mate Skullbat- Black and white vinyl, limited to 100(?) pcs.

Secret Base Happy Halloween Skullbat- Clear orange vinyl, limited to 100 pcs.

Medicom Skullbat Deep Blue Boxset- Large Skullbat figure packaged with Deep Blue CD limited to 692 pcs black version.

Medicom Real Action Heroes Zodiac Skullman- 12 inch Skullman doll in red leather skeleton suit, packaged with Horrorock CD single limited to 308 pcs.

Glow In The Dark Wind-up Skullman- Limited edition glow in the dark wind up toy, packaged with Beware of Darkness EP. Limited to 366 copies.

Secret Base Occulta Obake- Fiendish Club International Gold Member exclusive, Black, Red and Clear vinyl, with hand painted blood. Limited to ? copies.